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Scribe Hints at Comeback After Release From Prison

"I've made a lot of mistakes in my life... many. But none have ever been as big as my comebacks."

by Zoe Madden-Smith
30 October 2018, 10:25pm

Image via NZ Police

Rapper Scribe crafted a heartfelt Instagram post for his fans after being released from prison earlier this week. Malo Ioane Luafutu, better known by his stage name Scribe, owned his past mistakes and alluded to a big comeback in the future. "Today I'm released from prison. In no way am I proud of that but I'll own it all day; every day," he wrote.

The Kiwi music icon has been in custody since August after allegedly travelling to Motueka to perform at a gig, a trip that was not approved under his 24-hour-a-day curfew, Christchurch Court News reports. "I won't say I'm a changed man, because talk is cheap. Rather, I'll show you."

Luafutu has been granted electronically monitored bail and will reappear in court on December 13 on a breach of protection order charge and possession of methamphetamine.

The rapper made a shoutout to all the inmates cross New Zealand and said he was “truly humbled” by the “hundreds of letters of unwavering love and support” family, friends and supporters sent him in prison. "I'm merely a survivor of a broken community, a fallen city and an ever dysfunctional planet," he said.

Scribe went on to tease his followers about how he had "some amazing news to announce at a later date". But for now, he is lapping up good food and the company of people he loves the most. “Catch you on the flip,” he signed off.

This article originally appeared on VICE NZ.