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Another Wicked Camper Van Banned, This Time For an Oral Sex Joke

The rental was emblazoned with the slogan, "Oral sex: it’s a great last minute gift."

by VICE Staff
28 March 2018, 1:14am

Another Wicked Camper van. Image via

Australia's Ad Standards Bureau has ruled once more against Wicked Campers, the van rental company that's become notorious for it's "edgy" paint jobs. This time, the problem was that the words, "Oral sex: it’s a great last minute gift" were splashed across the back of one of its vans. Perhaps unrelated, the van also apparently featured an image of a clown smoking a pipe.

According to the ASB, "The Panel noted that the advertisement uses the phrase ‘oral sex’ and considered that this reference to a sexual act is not appropriate for the back of a mobile van."

"Most members of the community would find the advertisement to be distasteful," the Bureau said in its ruling.

Wicked Campers didn't respond to the ruling. However, because the van in question was registered in Queensland, it will be deregistered if the company doesn't remove the offensive ad. South Australia and Tasmania have both brought in similar laws.

This is by no means the first time Wicked Campers has been investigated by the ASB. There are some 77 complaints on the agency's website against the rental company. Of these, 65 have been upheld.

They include a van decorated with "a picture of a farmer approaching his sheep for sex and saying, 'Come to Deddy.' One of the sheep says to another, 'It's not the constant sex I object to, it's the bloody accent.'" Another with "anything is a dildo if you're brave enough." And, just one more for good measure, like the van that featured the words: "... In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once..."

There have been fresh calls for New South Wales to ban Wicked Campers altogether, after one drove through Ballina on the state's north coast over the weekend. Written across the back of the van were the words: "Am I still a virgin if I take it up the s*****r?"

“I was just sickened, I felt revolted. I’ve got grandchildren, I can imagine anyone with children who was following that van and the questions that might be asked,” local Beth Hansen told the Daily Telegraph. “It’s absolutely not wanted on our streets."

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