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Sicily, Crap Pubs, and Cheesy Pop: This is Ferla

Watch the video for "Wasted On You" now.

by Issy Beech
13 June 2017, 5:14am

When I ask Ferla if his name pertains to the town in Sicily, I'm feeling smart. But I think we're just talking about his artist name, when we're actually talking about his given last name. And suddenly I'm not feeling so smart. I'm feeling even less smart now, two hours later, because the audio of our interview didn't save. Which is always good.

Giuliano Ferla's latest release is a double EP—one half Guilt Pop, a record he wrote, recorded, and released back in 2015, and one half Stay Posi, a more recent invention. A genuinely frank break up record, with tracks titles like "Breakups Are Hard For Everybody" and "I'm Nobody's Baby Now," Guilt Pop/Stay Posi is funny and sweet and fun and weird. It'll get you right in there.

We're talking while Ferla is at work. The phone keeps dropping out but we manage to keep it on track. We discuss all the big issues: Crowded House, Tinder, and The Tote. And what I learn about him is this: Giuliano Ferla has been to his motherland in Sicily once, at sixteen. Golden Plains 2017 was the first festival Ferla's been to as a punter. He thinks the Sydney Harbour is magnificent (it is). And perhaps most importantly, I learn that the first record he ever bought was a compilation of indie bands covering morning show theme songs, that his childhood crush Catriona Rowntree talked about on TV once: "I had a really big crush on her, so I got my mum to drive me out to get it. I listened to it and was so disappointed that my crush would like something so awful. It was bad."

Today on Noisey we're premiering the very therapeutic video for Ferla's "Wasted On You." Literally do not bother booking into that Yoga Retreat in Ubud because this thing will do the trick for free. Check it out below, and see Ferla's tour dates below that.

If you're in Melbourne, see Ferla launch Guilt Pop/Stay Posi at The Tote this Friday June 16th. More information on that here.