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Take a Chance On Gold Coast Punks Sex Drive and Instantly Regret It

It's time to re-activate that Neighbourhood Watch group, Sex Drive are back with more raging punk.

by Tim Scott
25 August 2016, 6:30am

Trio Romano is an unassuming Italian restaurant located on the state highway in sleepy Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. Online reviews of the family run joint seem mainly favourable with the odd complaint about the capricciosa not having enough ham.

But a few weeks ago the owners arrived at work to find the words SEX DRIVE sprayed on a side wall. After some muttering and tut-tutting about “young thugs” and the need for the reintroduction of compulsory military service, the days routine and prepartion continued.

That a punk band called Sex Drive lived in the local area, was not ascertained by the two cops who arrived later in the day to file a report. Life went on. The sun continued to shine, pizzas continued to be pulled from the oven and motorists smirked as they passed the graffiti.

Following a well-received demo Sex Drive have been on the down low. While not entirely on hiatus, the four-piece have been quiet of late. There’s nothing quiet about “Chance” a new song they’ve just uploaded onto their Bandcamp page.

Taken from their forthcoming 7”, Jai, Jake, Bor, and Beinah create a volatility and aggression, that’s not usually associated with the summer holiday vibe of the Gold Coast. Take a listen below and catch them at some upcoming shows including a rumoured appearance at Maggot Fest VII.

Catch Sex Drive at these shows:

Sept 10 - Byron Bay at 16 Tasman Way with PLTS, Posable and Mini Skirt
Sept 17 - Sydney at Portugal Madeira Club with Rapid Dye, Oily Boys, Robber, Muscle Memory and Shab
Sept 23 - Brisbane at the Bearded Lady with Coffin Birth, Shitgrinder and Tender Lavender

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