Undercover Film Shows England Fans Chanting Racist Abuse at Euro 2016

Some fans sing racist songs outside French bars, while one man appears to make comments of an explicitly sexual nature to a child.

by UK Sports Staff
28 June 2016, 10:19pm

A film produced by Channel 4 News appears to show England fans at Euro 2016 chanting racist and sexist abuse, and directing explicit comments towards children.

Filmed secretly by an undercover reporter, England supporters can be heard singing about their hatred for Muslims and "Pakis". The footage features several different fans, one of whom claims he's "just here for the violence."

Later on in the clip, a group of supporters outside a bar can be seen abusing a young boy and a girl who are begging for money. One man appears to make comments of a sexually explicit nature to the children, before adding: "Fuck off, you Romanian bastards."

When one supporter tries to confront the fans aiming abuse at the children, he is told that they're "a bunch of fucking gypos." Another England fan can be seen tearing down bunting from above a restaurant, and ripping up various national flags to cheers from the crowd below.

One group outside a restaurant appear to abuse female passers-by, chanting sexist insults in the middle of the street. There is also evidence of serious violence before England's third group game against Slovakia.

This comes after a week of violence at the start of the tournament, in which English fans clashed with their French and Russian counterparts in Marseille and Lille. Numerous arrests were made in the aftermath of the violence, while one England supporter was given a five-year banning order and six were jailed.

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