Journey to the Center of a Rainbow Virtual Forest

Vince McKelvie's new version of 'Gradient Forest' is the virtual vacation you need to take now.

by Becky Chung
14 April 2015, 4:30pm

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You're floating through a galaxy of trees, starting out within a patch of ghostly plants that magically replenishes itself, all from the from comfort of your own browser. This is the newest iteration of artist Vince McKelvie's Gradient Forest. In the previous version from the artist and augmented reality graffiti mastermind, which was an interactive music video for the band Y E Λ R S, viewers rocketed through the luminous, geometric virtual environment at full speed. This time around, the journey takes a more comfortable pace, faux fauna morphing into comets of color perfect for this afternoon's inevitable virtual vacation.

Below, check out a few of our favorite moments below, and enjoy Gradient Forest in full, here

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