US High Schoolers Mural-ise Their School Parking Lot

Passing Driver’s Ed was just the stepping stone to full-blown parking space expression.

by Diana Shi
02 September 2016, 12:00pm

Image courtesy @Matt_Harper11 

The creative outlets available to survive high school can play out through multiple channels: angsty garage rock, poetry slams, class office elections, or giant parking space murals.

Similar to the teenage pastime and viral-news-in-waiting, prom proposals (“promposals”), the ritual of painting parking spaces at a handful of US high schools now marks a vital senior year activity before college and the real world enter the picture.

The parking spot mural tradition offers a unique canvas for young artists (who just got their license!) and meme-obsessed jokesters to embellish one of the few objects of high school ownership. Notable high schools involved in the artistic and internet-loved murals range from Sicklerville, New Jersey, Chelsea, Alabama, Georgetown, Texas, West Orange, Florida, among other cities. Like clockwork, these students will paint their parking lots every year, accumulating many hours that were also matched in studying, we would guess.

See some shots from this year’s high-schooler painted parking spots here:

Image courtesy @mar_lington

Photo: Kamron Gopffarth

Photo: Martha Caldera

Photo: Mark Hamilton and Trey Hamilton

Photo: Elizabeth Victor

Find more trussed out parking spots on Imgur, here.

Via My Modern Met


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