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Disciples’ New Music Video Looks and Sounds Like Teen Angst

It’s highly unlikely you went through 2014 without hearing this budding London trio’s track.
14 January 2015, 9:40pm

A colossal track that has been slipped into sets throughout last year has been given a visual revival.

Dance music's triple threat, Disciples, are the producers, vocalists and DJs that have been labelled with the dry, crusty aphorism of being "the ones to watch this year," but they have undoubtedly met that expectation.

With a relentless worldwide touring schedule, a versatile handful of remixes, and a six-hour set at Sankeys in Ibiza, these three South Londoners have much to brag about. UK dance music legend Pete Tong has long praised Disciples for their work and "They Don't Know" is no exception. The BBC Radio 1 king even knighted the song his Essential New Tune at the end of last year.

"Disciples have been building their reputation over the past year and are about to go on another level with the release of 'They Don't Know,'" said Tong. "You won't be able to get it out of your head."

The video is a dark, riveting accompaniment to the track's ominous lyrics and tone. It follows a trio of teens across a rural seaside, who are on the run from a group of royally ticked-off members of the criminal underworld. The video focuses on a backpack that's filled with what appears to be some kind of pill, but the meaning of it all is rather cryptic. At one point, everyone seems to hold and aim a shotgun worthy of Elmer Fudd and there's an over-dramatic female lead that both saddens and aggravates; and yet, everyone lusts after her. (What's else is new?)

Watch the exclusive premiere of their music video for "They Don't Know" above. The track is out Parlophone / FFRR on February 22, you can preorder it on iTunes.

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