THE LEDGER: The Kiwis are on a roll - wait, what?

The trans-Tasman rivalry is weekly. Glory is forever.

by Aanu Adeoye
21 June 2016, 5:31am

Nine weeks into The Ledger, and the Kiwis are running two victories to Australia's seven. If you go on population, that's about the results that should be expected.

But the trans-Tasman rivalry is not fuelled on population, or what should probably happen. It's fuelled by a big brother wanted to beat up on his little brother, and a little bro wanted to claim some vengeance against the big lad.

Thus, The Ledger hits double figures this week with the Kiwis champing at the bit to stay on top. Will it happen? The only thing that is assured is the All Blacks winning. Roll on, week ten.


Over the last week, only Australia, from the two deadly trans-Tasman rivals, have been in action in international cricket. It ain't been a flash time, either.

The Baggy Greens lost by four wickets to the West Indies in St Kitts in the current tri-series also featuring South Africa, before their following match against the Republic was called off due to poor weather.

That leaves Australia requiring a victory in tomorrow's match against the Windies to score a spot in the series final against South Africa.

New Zealand may not be playing, but Australia's losing. Count that as a win to the Kiwis.

WINNER: New Zealand

Australia vs West Indies in St Kitts


Let's be fair: all that matters in football right now is Copa America and the Euros.

But while Australia and New Zealand can both give a wee fist pump with the English finishing second in their group to the Welsh, neither side have been in action over the last week. Nor have any Australasians been starring in domestic leagues.

How could it be anything else, other than a draw?



Things are getting ugly for Australia in rugby at the moment. This weekend, the Wallabies coughed up their first ever series defeat to England on home soil when they lost the second test in Melbourne 23-7.

That's a demo job in anyone's terms, and proof the Aussies have slipped, significantly, down the world rugby ladder.

Have no fear for the mighty All Blacks though, who spanked the Welsh 36-22 in Wellington. Add in the Chiefs mid-week hiding of the touring Northern Hemisphere side in Hamilton, and this one, very easily, goes to the Kiwis.

WINNER: New Zealand

All Blacks beating Wales in the second test in Wales


Jeez, ain't the Kiwis on a roll? The Warriors, whom you can usually count on to be as unreliable as any team in world sport, are a definite part of that magical rising tide.

It may have only been 12-10 victory over the Roosters at Mt Smart Stadium, and Sydney may be pretty damn ordinary at the moment, but that's three on the trot for the Kiwi NRL team.

A month ago, they were in tatters after the sleeping pills scandals – now look at 'em. Impressive stuff.

WINNER: New Zealand


It's been one of those weeks in the ANZ Championship where we've had two Australian derbies and two Kiwi ones.

We all know the Aussie teams are miles better than the New Zealand ones, but technically: neither nation outdid the other over the weekend.

A cruel draw for the Ockers.



Motorsport-wise, it's been all about the V8 Supercars for Aussies and Kiwis in the last week. The series headed up to Darwin, and both nations came away with the spoils.

Aussie Michael Caruso and Kiwi Shane van Gisbergen both won a race in the far north of Australia. With Daniel Ricciardo down the rankings or the Indycars taking a break, this is what we're running on this week.

Another draw, would you believe it?



Man, oh man – what an NBA Finals series. To be honest, one of the all time best with the Cavs coming back from 3-1 down to win a thrilling Game 7 yesterday, against the Golden State Warriors, in Oakland.

There was going to be an Aussie in the winner's circle either way, with Andrew Bogut in the Warriors squad – and Matthew Dellavedova with the Cavs. Bogut got injured in Game 6, and 'Delly' hardly played during the series, but an Aussie was always gonna be a winner here.

We still miss you, Steven Adams – and your incredible moustache.

WINNER: Australia

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 7 – NBA Finals


Kiwi horseman Mark Todd is about to be named to his seventh Olympic Games tonight.

Let's just digest that for a second. Seven Olympics. That's next level.

When Todd, who won individual eventing golds in 1984 and 1988, won a team bronze in London, he equally the record for the biggest time between first and final medals: 28 years. That's epic. Mark Todd – who is 60 by the way – you're the man.

WINNER: New Zealand


There'll be no Dante Exum in Rio for Australia in the basketball this summer; news that follows Andrew Bogut's injury for the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Bogut won't be in Rio either, meaning Aussie's slim chances of scoring a medal are now gone. The Kiwis will probably not even be at Rio, so let's call this a draw.




Another win for the Kiwis – two in a row. How does this happen? Australia, buck up your attitude.


Australia vs New Zealand, cricket, Hobart in 1990

This particular writer at the Ledger happens to be a cricket fan, and, even more obscurely, is a fan of early 90s Kiwi medium pacer Chris Pringle.

Pringle's career wasn't the greatest, but his finest moment came in 1990 in Hobart. It was the last over, and Australia only needed a coupla runs to win.

Well, 'Pringas' bowled a maiden and the Kiwis won. Here's some highlights of the innings.

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