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The Only Game Of Thrones/Super Mario World Mashup You'll Ever Need

Two fantasy worlds collide as the intro to Game of Thrones gets a pixelated Mario makeover.

by Kevin Holmes
14 May 2014, 6:00pm

When Game of Thrones isn't killing off Starks or raining down controversies like broken, catapulted collars, the only act likely to make fans even more apoplectic is the careless splattering of teasers across social media. Fear not—you'll find no spoliers here. Instead, two popular fictional worlds will collide as the intro to the HBO spectacular meets the 16-bit glory of Super Mario World.

Those of us of a certain age will remember when, back in 1991, the Super Nintendo emerged unto the world featuring the pack-in console classic, Super Mario World. It was the game that introduced Yoshi to platforming and the rest of the world to the meaning of wasted youth. Being that Yoshi's kind of similar to Daenerys' dragons—he, too, hatches from an egg, sometimes breathes fire, and strikes fear into the hearts of baddies across many a mushroom kingdom—the spurious connection to GoT was practically begging for a mashup.

Have a watch of the video below by NicksplosionFX, which places the iconic GoT title sequence on the Super Mario World map—all set to an 8-bit version of the theme song by Floating Point.

And after you've digested that, watch a shot-by-shot comparision with the original below.


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