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We Begrudgingly Acknowledge That Zedd and Selena Gomez are in a Relationship

Fine, fine, *ugh* OK, fine, whatever.
23 February 2015, 5:00amUpdated on 24 February 2015, 4:42am

Zedd may have been Jared Leto's date to the Oscars on Sunday, but there's no question about who the DJ's plus one is. After attending post-Oscars parties together, Hollywood tabloids were frothing at the loins with news about actress/singer Selena Gomez and EDM stud Zedd. Already a known item all awards season, ET Online described her as "a new Selena" last night. Hollywood Life reported that Justin Bieber is "furious." OK called them a "hot couple" and "Zeddlena." Some other people of questionable moral virtue said some other shit too or something. Our official response is: fine, fine, *ugh* OK, fine, whatever.

The two have been making an album together and the first track, "I Want You To Know," is available today. If you listen to the radio or regularly, you will probably hear it and possibly enjoy it.

Calvin Harris is the face (and abs) of Armani, Dillon Francis is the voice of Taco Bell, and now Zedd is the heart of Selena Gomez. If you read between the lines and look beyond the tabloid gossip, this whole situation is a curious step for dance music's toe-tapping around the mainstream. Often regarded by mass media as late night weirdos, if they're even acknowledged at all, DJ/producers rarely get the kind of ink for their work that Zedd is currently getting for his personal life-and he has a Grammy. In some ways, maybe the widespread coverage of this relationship signals a shift in perception by those who have long disregarded DJs. If it wasn't already clear that dance culture and popular culture are intersecting more frequently than ever, it should be now.

Still, it's an odd experience for those immersed in electronic music culture to have one of its stars thrust into gossip rags just because he's dating someone mega-famous. It's likely that some of Zedd's fans grew up on Gomez's show, "Wizards of Waverly Place," or saw her party hard in Spring Breakers, but just like when people from two different friend groups start dating, it's best to nod your head and not speculate too much about the details.

If Dixon starts dating Demi Lovato, we will let you know.

Photo by Rukes