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Falcons Gives Rosie Lowe's "How'd You Like It?" That Passionate Low End

Statistics say that the average American can listen to it twice during intercourse!

by Ziad Ramley
08 December 2014, 8:34pm

British singer Rosie Lowe has been likened to acts such as Jessie Ware, FKA Twigs, and Lana Del Rey since the release of her debut EP, Right Thing last year, and has received critical acclaim across the board. Her most recent single, "How'd You Like It?", is like a Thai massage followed by unlimited Nutella, or a cognac bubble bath in a cabin made of red mittens. You will enjoy it immensely and feel deeply saddened when it ends.

LA beatmaker Falcons has been enlisted for an official remix and the result is a bedroom-ready three minutes and fourty-five seconds filled with double-claps and a passionate low end. Stream it above and be sure to check out more from Rosie Lowe on SoundCloud.

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