"I Said" by David Vrong Ushers in A New Era for Ultra Records

Hear the next house anthem from the legendary US dance label.

May 13 2014, 8:34pm

Ultra Records is always savvy when it comes to spotting the next festival anthem, but more recently, they've decided to take their sound back to the club for a more intimate experience. For their latest release they turn to the Swedish tech hero David Vrong, whose accolades include being the protégé of legendary Stockholm house maestro John Dahlbäck. Ultra's General Manager David Waxman tells us "the big room EDM sound has been changing lately and it's going back to the club. The sounds have house music influences while still retaining the big electro riffs. David Vrong has that sound by combining anthemic melodies with more rhythmic beats. It's a great new direction."

Vrong himself refers to his new track "I Said" as "a song that is the result of cramming 30 years of house music together and picking out the bits I find attractive. It's a 90s beat with a 60s cover from a 24-year-old and I believe that's what makes it fresh in 2014." We're loving this new direction from Ultra and have a pretty good feeling you will too. But we'll let you be the judge.

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