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How to Survive as the Only Girl on a Road Trip Full of Guys

Everything you need to know for a weekend away with the boysh.

by VICE Staff
11 April 2016, 2:18am

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So you're going away with a bunch of boys. Leave any memories of your brothers bullying you in the past, and get excited about the prospect of being part of the boys' weekend away. Take the experiences as they come, and if a customised basketball jersey made especially for the trip comes your way don't be afraid to put it on. If you're feeling at all hesitant about going solo style, check out our guide below for not only surviving, but also, most importantly, having fun.

Don't Get Your Hopes up for Sightseeing

When you're on a road trip full of guys, usually it's the destination—not the journey—that matters. That beautiful secluded beach just off the beaten track? Yeah, not gonna happen. Unless it's literally on the way and right in front of you, don't expect random stop-offs or dilly-dallying that could get in the way of the schedule (there's always a schedule).

You're Going to Eat a Lot of Fast Food

Carrying on from the above, forget finding a quaint little country town cafe when there's a Maccas popping up every 30 seconds. Try to imagine that you're in a Gus Van Sant film and embrace the banal beauty that is eating fast food in a parking lot as a plastic bag floats past softly in the breeze.

It Might Smell

This is a fact of life. Whether the odours are natural ones or a complex blend of too much deodorant, being surrounded by a bunch of guys in close confines has the potential to be a sensory overload.

It's a Rihanna-Free Zone

Chances are your companions won't share the same emotional affinity to Rihanna's Diamonds as you, so just sit back and let them program the music. There's no point wasting an absolute banger on people who won't enjoy it.


Even guys who don't like sport still kinda like sport. If there's a match on, expect it to be on full volume.

Leave Pet Names at Home

If you're travelling with your boyfriend and his buds, best to leave the baby talk and pet names at home. Referring to your significant other as "mookie-pookie bear" in front of his mates is not cute. It's embarrassing.

But Nicknames Are Great

Ever noticed how sometimes the nicknames that guys give each other are actually longer than their real names? "Big Dog" is a great entry-level nickname. You can also just add an "o" to the end of anyone's name. Dave-o, Steve-o, Matt-o...

Pack Everything They Won't Think Of

You know how there's that person that always comes totally prepared for any situation? Mosquitos? Here's a citronella candle. Hungry? Here's a high-protein snack. Romantic mood required? Here's a CD of Barry White's Greatest Hits and a fake portable fireplace. That person could be you on this trip. Think of your bag as a magical pandora's box, and pack a bunch of stuff that could come in handy—fishing lures, Band-Aids, card games, glow sticks, the list goes on—because they sure as heck won't have.

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously (But Don't Take Any BS)

These guys are your friends so you're all there to have a good time. Just go along for the ride and treat the trip like an anthropological study. If they do happen to do or say something that is out of line, don't be afraid to pull them up on it.

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