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PREMIERE: Get into the Sludgy Desert Rock of ExSage

Listen to the premiere of lead single "Tripwire" and watch the trailer for their forthcoming EP, 'Out of the Blue.'

by Andrea Domanick
11 August 2016, 6:00pm

ExSage is the LA-based project of Kate Clover and Tim Foley, whom local fans might recognize as Lolipop Records rockers Cobalt Cranes. After spending four years building up a sizable following as a latter, the group dissolved in the wake of the couple's breakup, only to reform after bumping into each other out in the Southern California desert. That's also where the pair would come to write their forthcoming debut EP as ExSage, Out of the Blue, with producer Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, PJ Harvey) at the helm.

With their lo-fi, leather jacket vibes, comparisons to bands like The Kills and The Raveonettes are inevitable, but the five-song EP injects those garage bones with engine oil-sludgy desert rock guitars, Clover's big, almost-pop vocals, and a touch of Nick Cave ominousness. It's a surreal trip in and out of consciousness that isn't afraid to flirt with camp and bombast.

Listen to the premiere of lead single "Tripwire" below, and also check out the debut of their desert wasteland-shot EP trailer.

"'Tripwire,' our first single, is about that part inside all of us that knows better but hopelessly can’t help ourselves," the band wrote in an e-mail. "It captures the duality and the tension that are laced throughout our EP. It's about love, it’s about hate, and those moments in between when you don’t know the difference."