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Toro Y Moi's New Single "Freelance" Is a Squelchy Disco-Pop Jam

Panflute! Auto-Tune! A new album called 'Outer Peace' out next January!

by Alex Robert Ross
24 October 2018, 12:40am

Photo: Jack Bool

Chaz Bear's post-everything pop project Toro Y Moi has returned. "Freelance," his first new song since last year's Boo Boo LP, is the first single from Toro y Moi's now-confirmed sixth album, Outer Peace, due out January 18, 2019.

"This record is a response to how disposable culture has become and how it affects creativity," Bear said in a press release. "While listening, you might pay attention or ignore—either way that's ok, this is music for a creative mind."

"Freelance" itself is a squelchy pop song smothered with Auto-Tune and (hell yeah) a little panflute. It's all very late-90s, post-disco revival, right down to the dismembered vocals and retro video. Watch that at the top of the page.

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