Perfume Genius Has Released Two Haunting New Songs, "Jory" and "Lulla"

Michael Hadreas uploaded the two new tracks to his YouTube channel, accompanied by found visuals.

05 March 2018, 10:25pm

I think that on a Monday morning, the best possible four words you could hear are thus: "new Perfume Genius music." Most Mondays don't really deliver them, but against all odds, today actually has. Michael Hadreas quietly placed the tracks "Jory" and "Lulla" onto his YouTube account over the weekend. Both songs are accompanied by found visuals from what looks like vintage porn, with "Jory" placed alongside footage of a muscleman, while "Lulla" is partnered by images of female performers.

As Hadreas' first new music since last year's blistering No Shape, both tracks are characterised by floating vocals and soft synthesisers, with "Lulla" even taking on a slightly jewellery box-esque simplicity. The tracks, together, are a further, out-of-album-cycle reminder of Hadreas' total creative aptitude. And while they may not see the light of day on an official release, they're more than enough for now, and we are very grateful. Hear "Jory" at the top of the page, and "Lulla" below:

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