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Listen to a Dictaphone Recording of Orion Playing in a Small Cafe

A new cassette of the Sydney post-punk band performing at A Fan's Note cafe is available now.

by Tim Scott
14 August 2017, 10:17am

Dakota Gordon

On an album of great songs, "Last" a track on Orion's self-titled debut really stood out with it's foreboding tension and Faith era Cure like darkness.

When we spoke to Orion bassist Dizzy earlier this year he explained that "Last" is actually an older song that the band rarely plays, so we were stoked that the Sydney four-piece chose to include it in their set at Melbourne cafe A Fan's Note in April. We were even happier when it appeared today as a preview to a live recording of the the performance that will be released as a cassette later this week.

A Fan's Note is the cafe that record store Lulu's operates from and though the show was in a small space and recorded on a dictaphone, the sound quality of the tape is excellent and picks up the band's (performing as a three piece for this performance) moody tension and pensive pop.

A split release between Cool Death and Weirdo Mazic, the tape features six cuts from the band's great LP plus two new songs.

'Orion - Live at Lulus' will be available Aug 17 through Cool Death Records.

Orion play Sydney's Brighton Up Bar Aug 19 as part of VOLUMES 2017.

Photograph: Dakota Gordon