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The Identity of Brisbane’s Mystery Poo Jogger Has Been Revealed!

We might know who the shitter was, but this case still makes zero sense.

by VICE Staff
07 June 2018, 1:09am

 Image via Facebook 

Last month, we brought you the story of Brisbane's mysterious poo jogger , an unidentified individual who had been terrorising the residents of an apartment building in the suburb of Greenslopes by taking several shits a week on the footpaths of their communal garden.

In a display of great community activism, the neighbours pulled together to set up a night camera and managed to capture him on tape. He was eventually charged with public nuisance and ordered to appear in court this week.

The dude is Andrew Douglas Macintosh — the national quality manager of Aveo, Australia’s leading retirement village company. Macintosh is also on a Brisbane City Council board advising on planning issues. (Hey, here’s a plan: don’t shit on the ground.)

In court, Macintosh’s solicitor hinted at negotiations with prosecutors that would see the case managed with an infringement notice only. An outcome resident Steve Smith — the man at the centre of the sting to catch him — was not happy with.

Speaking to the Courier-Mail, Smith said, “I don’t really care about a fine but I would love it if the magistrate gave him a good dressing down and told him to pull his head in.”

As Smith also stressed, this was hardly a one-time thing. It was a planned and repeated action: Macintosh even brought his own toilet paper. Wow, not much more we can add to that.