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No One Wants to Hire Trump Aides Trying to Escape the White House


by Drew Schwartz
14 April 2018, 3:16am

Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Whether it's because the White House is a dysfunctional mess, Donald Trump's administration is waging war against the poor and the rule of law, or the president has a bad habit of saying terribly racist things about entire countries, for whatever reason, some of Trump's aides are looking to ditch their jobs.

The only problem? Now that they've worked in the White House, no one wants to hire them.

According to BuzzFeed News, current and former White House officials are having a tough time landing gigs in the private sector. One official told BuzzFeed that it looked like he'd locked down a new job, but he ultimately lost it—and was straight-up told folks at his prospective employer weren't down with the fact that he'd worked for Trump.

Recruiters looking to place Trump aides into new jobs told BuzzFeed companies have been wary of taking them on—given that the president's not the most popular guy around, firms don't want to risk the flak they might get for hiring someone from his administration. In one case, a PR firm told a White House official that they're refusing to hire anyone who's served under Trump because of the "reputational risk" that would come with the move.

"[Companies] are all worried about public backlash," a recruiter working with Trump officials told the outlet. "That's more real with these guys than I've seen with anyone else."

Even the big names among Trump’s former cronies seem to be having a hard time. Try as he might to make it as a talking head, no one really wants Sean Spicer on TV. Sure, the Mooch has the Scaramucci Post, but that pretty much failed, devolving into a platform where some dude named Lance just goes to town on Twitter. You could say Omarosa Manigault kind of achieved success after leaving the White House, but only at the cost of having to cry on reality television.

It's worth noting that a career outside the White House isn't the only thing Trump's screwing up for his aides—apparently, he's not working wonders for their love lives either.

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