​'Icy' Air Taskers Wielding A Fire Poker Allegedly Knocked Out Sydney Rooster's Star Dylan Napa

One of the hardest men in Australian sport was beaten senseless at an exclusive Gatsby-esque mansion party in the ultra-affluent suburb of Palm Beach in Sydney.

by Jed Smith
12 December 2016, 2:55am

Sydney Roosters NRL prop and leading rugby league hardman, Dylan Napa has been knocked senseless in an alleged attempted robbery at a Gatsby-esque mansion party in the exclusive Northern Beaches suburb of Palm Beach, Sydney.

Napa, who was asleep in one of the rooms, reportedly woke around 3am to find a 33 year old man destroying property and screaming at a woman. When he went to intervene he was punched out. A 26 year old woman then allegedly stabbed Napa's attacker with a knife. Napa, the man, and a woman were later taken to hospital with minor injuries. They have all since been released.

The host of the party was Theo Chambers, a mortgage broker and the son of Chambers Cellars owner, Steven Chambers. The party, which was called 'Palmbu,' was fancy-dress and said to be a fundraiser for the Vasculitis Foundation, a disease which Theo's mother reportedly suffers from. Around 600 guests, including shock-jock, Kyle Sandilands girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, were on hand to celebrate. The attackers, who were hired via the online job site, Air Tasker, were described by one party-goer as looking "really icy."

Chambers, in a statement released via his lawyer to AAP, attempted to distance the party from the attack, saying it took place well after the fundraiser had finished.

"I would like to particularly stress that the apparent break and entry and assault which took place at my premises the day after the charity event, happened a considerable time after the event had been closed and all attendees had been cleared from the premises by licenced security," the statement read.

Spokesman for both the NRL and the Sydney Roosters have said they are aware of the incident.

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