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Artist Creates Realistic Portrait Sculptures Using Paper

Bert Simon maps his subject’s faces using software, then prints them out and glues them together.

by Kevin Holmes
28 June 2012, 1:20pm

When it comes to human sculpture, the traditional materials are marble or bronze or some other such solid substance. What they’re not usually made of is paper. But that hasn’t stopped Dutch artist Bert Simon from creating realistic-looking human sculptures from the stuff.

To create these paper portraits he models the heads in 3D using the open source Blender software, which then becomes a flattened model. This is printed it out, after which he goes about the painstaking process of gluing it together to create these uncanny, slightly absurd portraits. He created his own paper clone self portrait, which you can print out for yourself. He even created one for the mayor of Rotterdam, too.

Self portrait of the artist

The former mayor of Rotterdam Mr. Ivo Opstelten

[via Inhabitat]