Brisbane Producer JOY. Gives Us a Track by Track Rundown of Her Debut EP 'Ode'

Get the scoop on each track found on 'Ode'.

by THUMP Australia
28 August 2015, 4:00am

Brisbane singer-producer JOY. (aka Olivia McCarthy) has been making a rapid rise through the ranks of Australia's electronic scene, killing it with a series of on-point remixes. Now she's set to break through in a big way with the debut EP 'Ode'. Fresh from hitting the road supporting Miami Horror's national tour, JOY. delivers a track by track account of all four EP compositions.

This track had been written for a long time before the EP came about. It was a demo on my laptop that I had been playing in my set but had never fully finished. I re-did the beat and the synths on a Mini Moog, and then re tracked and re wrote the verse vocals. Fallingis the first track on the EP, as well as the start to the story that unfolds later on in the work.

"About Us"
"About Us" was one of those demos that came about randomly in my room. To say it was an accident would sound cliche, but it was in fact an accident. I just made a more up-tempo groovy beat, and then tracked vocals. I shit you not, the vocal take on record is the first one I did. I turned the mic on and just started vibing and got the take. There's just something about the vibe of the first vocal take, it's more honest and groovier. So I ended up sticking with it because I couldn't repeat it later on in the studio.

"Crazy for You"
This was great fun to make. I did a session with Cory from Damn Moroda when I was down in Melbourne. We made this really simple 4-to-the-floor kick snare beat with a heap of swing, and then I just put some random quick vocals on it. Somehow the groove was so dope on the initial demo take that we ended up keeping that as the main vocal take and we tightened up the production later, and went really deep into synth and percussion town.

"Heads or Tails"
This is my favourite song on the record. It's the most honest and I feel made the most impact for me. I tried to keep the production minimal on this one, having it stripped back until the second verse translates well recorded and also when playing live. Also with so much space in the production, I thought a string quartet would be nice to fill the space and to add more of a cinematic feel to the track, so I wrote some string parts that then were transcribed for a string quartet.

Ode is out now.

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