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Two Epochs of Image-Making Collide in Installation 'Mécaniques Discursives'

Watch a documentary that goes behind the scenes of Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet's 'Mécaniques Discursives.'

by Kevin Holmes
18 November 2014, 9:00pm

Video projections and woodcut illustrations combined to create looping pathways, routes, and intineraries in Mécaniques Discursives, a whimsical mixed-media installation that could be imagined as a "laboratory experiment or the plan for a future network," according to the video description. After showcasing the work in 20 locations aross Asia and Europe, printmaker Fred Penelle and video artist (and AntiVJ member) Yannick Jacquet, wanted to revisit the collaborative process of combining the physicality of engraving with the impermanence of digital technologies. Thus, they commissioned the creation of the above short documentary, which was produced by AntiVJ and directed by Jerome Monnot.

In the documentary, viewable above, Penelle and Jacquet discuss the things that attracted them to their chosen mediums, and expound on how their collaboration allowed each of them to recontextualize their respective practices. "Even if the traditions of the two techniques are completely opposed, in the end when we combine the two on the wall this boundary disappears," says Jacquet in the film. "We try to find a kind of osmosis between the two techniques which means that, visually, we no longer see the separation between these technologies." 

Check out the close ups of Penelle and Jacquet's "strange mechanism," and then watch the video of the installation in action, like clockwork:

Taking over two floors of a building, a large site-specific version of 'Mécaniques Discursives' will be exhibited at LUX, Valence, France, from Dec 21st 2014 to March 21st 2015.


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