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Self-Tipping Fedora: Useless or Genius?

Michael Nichols' hat tips itself and calls out "M'lady" at the press of a button.

by Beckett Mufson
10 November 2014, 6:15pm

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Redditor Michael Nichols has invented either the most useful or useless piece of headwear tech ever—depending on how many times a day you tip your fedora while offering the greeting, "M'lady." Dubbed the Useless Wireless Hat, the Reddit comments alone on this remote-controlled, self-tipping fedora, could form a massive online open course on neckbeard-inspired fashion. 

In the video description, Nichols notes that the Useless Wireless Hat is a reaction to the similar cultural maelstorm that plagued the comments on another invention he created last week, the Useless Wireless Duck. "If I had to guess why it is popular I think it's because of how complicated the electronics look but in the end they are used to perform such a silly and useless task," he told The Creators Project. With 1.2 million views, the short demonstration of an arduino-powered, R/C duck squeaker became a prime target for satirical YouTube comments from self-professed neckbeards, praising Nichols' "tinkering achievement."

Hundreds of comments on /r/justneckbeardthings, espousing a satirical obsession with dogecoin, or otherwise imitating a member of the oft-memed subculture now flood the video's submission to /r/videos.

As Nichols explains in his demonstration of the Useless Wireless Hat, he's is now using his engineering skills to give his commenters exactly what they want:

Visit Nichols' YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on his useless creations.

h/t r/videos


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