Smoke Painting Over the Ocean Is On-Point

An experimental film slices the blue sky with gaseous streaks of red, yellow, and green.

Mar 30 2016, 7:50pm

Screencap via

Soaring over the open sea, three colored smoke clouds wind their way through the sky like meteorites that forgot to follow the laws of gravity. Actually, they're drones, each spouting gaseous bursts of red, yellow, and green under the direction of filmmaker Paul Trillo for his latest work, CHROMATICITY

Previously Trillo captured the birth of the universe and the death of an iPhone with his distinct visual style, but this work zooms into the realm of experiment and abstraction. Trillo describes the film as, "An ethereal flight over the ocean as mysterious colored smoke leaves its mark across the sky. A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight." Like human dancers whose every move is a combination of expert mechanics, intensive training, and serendipity, watching these machines hang perilously above the sea while cutting through the clear blue sky is entrancing.

CHROMATICITY was a selection at the both the New York and US Drone Film Festivals last year, and is now available online for the first time. Watch the film below, and click here to see the making-of.

See more of Paul Trillo's work on his website.


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