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​Breach on Why His 'Dim Sum' EP is Weird as Shit

This is what happens when you release on Aus Music.
26 April 2015, 11:24pm

The creative output of Ben Westbeech is difficult to quantify. As a singer, producer, and DJ, the "Jack"-jocking polymath is on a few different levels at once. You can now add 'proponent of weirdo analog house' to that list, as his Dim Sum EP, to be released on Aus Music, is three tracks of progressively-minded 4x4 tunes that will bring some much needed cerebral energy to the dancefloor when released on April 27.

"Musically, I've always made a lot of different stuff. Some people find that quite hard to palate," Westbeech tells THUMP. "I never started Breach to be one sound and it has always been a forward thinking alias for me, so the sound is constantly moving forward and pushing my boundaries as a producer. Ive never been one to rest on my laurels, and quite frankly i would get very bored if I did."

It was a dose of guitar-laced psychedelia that inspired Breach's latest turn, particularly on the track "Anna Love." Westbeech explains, "I've been producing my first band recently, listening to a lot of psychedelic records and tripping out a lot. I guess this release kind of got tarnished by that. It really sent me into a trance when I was making it and I hope that comes across on the record." Further, Westbeech cites living in Amsterdam and a slew of new analog synth equipment as influential on his current shift.

The delicate confluence of progressive and danceable is a frequent trait amongst releases on Will Saul's Aus Music. The label has released tunes from Dusky, Bicep, Leon Vynehall, Huxley and Bwana over the past year alone, and Dim Sum fits right into the milieu.

"I released this EP on Aus because Will Saul lets me do pretty much anything I want to do and I love the way he does his hair," laughs Westbeech. "It's nice to have that sort of freedom at this stage of my career."

All this considered, we're a long way from "Jack," the tune that dipped into crossover territory when was released and rinsed in 2013. "It's a little played out for me now as you can imagine. I'd moved on from it a long time ago," says Wetbeech. "If people still get down to it, that's brilliant, and long may it continue to make people happy."

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