LeBron Stops Interview to Ask Kyrie if Earth is Flat: "Yeah! That's News"

It's really hard to tell if stupidity is hitting the point of contagion or not.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
19 February 2017, 9:44pm

Kyrie Irving has officially slipped into the alternative universe, where alternative facts prevail. And he's given us a clear window into the kind of batshit dimension that he's cooked up. His foremost conviction? That the earth is flat.

Yesterday, on a Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye podcast through, Irving espoused the Truth to the world: that Spaceship Earth is flat as a pancake. Because how are we to know—despite Aristotle proving this shit a whole fucking 1,700 years ago—that it's round?

Well, the NBA is not letting this drop during All-Star weekend, picking up on the media's jaw-drop wonder at Kyrie's rejection of empirical truth, and having some fun with it. Take LeBron, above, stopping his interview midway to holler at Kyrie behind the curtain, "Kyrie, the earth is flat, right?" To which Kyrie responded, "Yeah! That's news!"

LeBron also defended his Cavs teammate:

I know you were worried that Kyrie wouldn't double down on his bonkers theory. Don't worry. He is—to the point that Twitter is doing a deep head scratch about whether or not Kyrie is trolling or espousing his deepest feeling-truths. (He also has feelings about dinosaurs.)

Speaking of not being able to tell when someone's clowning or not, just try to parse out whether or not Draymond is trolling about Kyrie's flat earth theory, or has started to sip on the Kool Aid here.

It's really hard to tell if stupidity is hitting the point of contagion or not.