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Here Are Another 10 Female and GNC Artists You Can Book Right Now

Too many dudes ruining the gender balance at your show? Maybe Brooke Powers, 100%, or Two Steps on the Water are free...

by Kish Lal
14 September 2016, 3:33am

Last month, we premiered our new series No More Excuses—a monthly column by Kish Lal, profiling ten female and gender non-conforming artists that are active and available to diversify any stale and all-male line ups that you may find you have on your hands. Check out the first in the series here

Here we go.

Coco Solid, New Zealand

Jessica Lee Hansell, better known as Coco Solid is an incredible performer hailing from Auckland City. Her music is hip hop layered with electronic beats, brimming with self assurance and a fitting attitude. Also a writer, artist and "philosoflygirl" Coco is a seasoned all rounder whose roots, life experiences and passion is unabashedly bared for all to experience.

Two Step On The Water, Melbourne

Having seen Two Steps On The Water perform earlier this year was a transcendent experience. As someone who spends 90% of their time listening exclusively to Kanye and Calvin Harris, folk music rarely makes an appearance. But the raw emotion and honesty that seeps out of every lyric, instrument and sound from Two Steps is enough to have me hooked. Fronted by June with Sienna and Jonathan making up the rest of the band, this really is sad music that rocks.

Matka, Sydney

Even though Sydney got completely fucked over by their lockout laws (condolences from Melbourne) the dance scene over there hasn't died. In fact, the incredible DJs from Sydney that flood my timeline only seem to increase. Matka loves WWE, is a writer and founder of the all female/GNC collective, Honey. Their twist – at every Honey party you won't just be greeted by an all female line up but an all female playlist too.

Tkay Maidza, Adelaide

Born in Zimbabwe and eventually finding a home in Adelaide, it isn't any stretch of the truth to say Tkay Maidza is a superstar in the making. To sum up her achievements quickly isn't possible but here are some of the highlights: She's supported Years & Years, Troy Sivan, Charli XCX as well as playing at SXSW and across Europe. She has collaborated with the likes of Martin Solveig, Motez and Kilter and Tkay's career is only getting started…

Habits, Melbourne

Everyone talks and tweets about being sad but few turn those thoughts into goth party jams. Habits is Mohini and Maia, two incredible artists whose music's only rival is their own incredible style and hair colour coordination. Captivating, unique and brilliant, it's undeniable Habits are slowly taking over the music scene with their densely emotive music, so it's best to get on board and not get left behind.

Peach Milk, New Zealand

Few people get to experience Kraftwerk live on their dad's shoulders at age 8, but Auckland's Peach Milk will forever trump most techno bros' dreams of doing so. Her music is, by no surprise then, electronic, and while each track feels delicate and moody, the sharp stabs and soaring synths that feature on songs like Superambi (off her recently released and aptly named EP, Finally) is what makes Peach Milk's music so god damn good.


Ayten Ahmet and Felicity Yang, make up AIYA and made a splash on the internet a little over a year ago. Both solo artists who went to school together, continue to develop their project making minimal electronica that is artfully constructed. Their most recent release, 'Girl' was not only produced by them but also mixed and mastered by them too. They've got the whole game on lock, so who knows what they've got in store for us next.

Brooke Powers

If you've so much as dipped a toe in Melbourne, you will know the name, Brooke Powers. A force of high powered techno, emotive house and impeccable talent, Brooke has quickly become a house hold name at almost every club (worth going to) in the city. She works her butt off too, playing so many shows I swear she has a clone, or that weird time travel shit Hermione used in Harry Potter.


Natalie Daws may reside in the more isolated part of Australia but her music taste is woke af. Having made her way to and from LA a mere weeks ago, she's just dropped a new mix on her Soundcloud that weaves between Goldlink, Classixx, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kehlani. She's the kind of girl you'll want to party with and then share a hungover burrito the next day. Just don't forget to follow her on Instagram.


Brisbane's Chloe, Grace and Lena make up 100% making each of them individually 33.33333333%. More importantly, their music is A+. The 80s influence is undeniable, with their lo-fi vocals peppered over flutes and raw synths leaving a fun, nostalgic and mellow taste in my mouth – that's a good thing too.  

Once again—happy booking!

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