Goodbye to One of the Best Skate Spots in Australia

Melbourne's Lincoln Square is being resurfaced so skaters can't use it, and residents can better hear the traffic.

by Ben Thomson
15 April 2016, 12:00am

At the start of the week, Lincoln Square was one of the most famous skate spots in Australia. The inner Melbourne park featured smooth low benches, clean concrete surfaces, and a bunch of stairs at varying heights. Traveling pros from overseas often stopped to film tricks, while domestic stars came to Melbourne just for Lincoln. In short, the place was an institution, which is why it had to be destroyed.

At the behest of local residents who couldn't properly hear the traffic, the City of Melbourne allocated $450,000 "to redesign the Lincoln Square Plaza area to end and prevent skateboard activities." This happened in November last year, and guys in hi-vis showed at the start of the week to tear the place apart.

Ben Thomson visited Lincoln to photograph the end.