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A Dancer Floats Through Different Dimensions in Noah's New Music Video, "flaw"

Ballet and glitches take on soaring new forms in the haunting video from Takcom.

by Sami Emory
12 May 2015, 5:00pm

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The fabric of reality itself becomes fractured in the new music video for singer/songwriter Noah's haunting single "flaw" (off upcoming album Sivutie). Directed by Takcom, a.k.a. Takafumi Tsuchiya, and released on May 5th via Nowness, the CGI-filled piece follows the journey of graceful protagonist, actor/choreographer Yohei Suzuki, through an inter-dimensional dance consisting of VFX, photogrammetry, and expert aerials. It's steeped in symbolism—note the flowing white ribbons which punctuate each scene—and wonderfully unsettling, in quiet contrast with Noah’s feathery voice and the film's peaceful, pastel coloring.

Flaw begins unassumingly with stark footage of Noah’s hometown in Aichi, Japan. Less than a minute in, however, the tone shifts suddenly, and TAKCOM sends Suzuki tunneling into hyperspace through a shower of digital flares. When the camera returns to Aichi, the world has been irrevocably altered. Suzuki’s airborne arabesques begin to glitch into shocking unreality and, as the CGI tightens its grip, the dancer's body flickers and fractures, buildings anthropomorphize, and nature meekly lays its laws at the feet of the talented Takcom. Watch it below:

Noah "flaw" from takcom™ on Vimeo.

Noah’s Sivutie comes out on Japanese label Flau on June 22 in the US / UK, and June 17 in Japan. Pre-order it here, and click here for more from Takcom. 


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