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Ellie Goulding Goes Superhuman in Major Lazer’s New Music Video

Spoons bend and hair raises in the newest visual cut from 'Peace Is the Mission.'

by Annie Armstrong
25 July 2015, 9:00pm

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Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley raise hair, hell, and pizza crusts in a dingy truck stop in Major Lazer’s new music video for “Powerful.” Playing with the concepts of power and superheroism, the triumphant love song takes a surprising turn away from Major Lazer’s usual electro-dancehall forte. “'Powerful' was a step forward for us with a classic sound,” Major Lazer mastermind Diplo reveals. “We thought of doo-wop, The Ronettes and The Flamingos all the way to Bob Marley with Lee Perry. Something big and moody and spooky but still about the essence of love and how it feels when it’s powerful. Came by pieces; first Tarrus, then Ellie and then mixing it all together to find something new we never created or heard before—a perfect, heartfelt, melancholic, spooky love song.”

Directed by James Slater, “Powerful” is off of Major Lazer's most recent full-length, Peace Is The Mission (Mad Decent) which has climbed the electronic/dance charts to a #1 spot.

Watch sparks fly in the video below:


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