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Video: Knife Party - "LRAD"

Hack the planet! An epic music video about the future of mind control from the kings of the Rage Valley.
12 September 2013, 8:29pm

We've teamed up with Knife Party—the Aussie duo behind such epic bass monsters as "Rage Valley" and "EDM Death Machine"—to bring you this simply cinematic video for "LRAD," off KP's Haunted House EP. We worked with Partizan and directors High5Collective, the L.A.-based "art princesses of moving images," who crafted a creepy, dark, and futuristic Hackers-style mini-movie that seems totally appropriate given Knife Party's BFF status with infamous hacking squad Anonymous.

For those of you who've been raging at festivals your whole life instead of keeping up with government terror tactics, an LRAD is a "Long Range Acoustic Device" that can send pain-inducing sounds over long distances. LRADs have been used for good—stopping Somali pirates, keeping wildlife off airport runways—but notably they've been given to police to "control protestors." Some conspiracy theorists speculate they can be tweaked to control minds as well.

No headaches or panic should be caused by this clip but as for hearing loss... you're on your own.