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Watch Drugged-Up Grannies Dancing Like They're In a Peak-Time Club With Toby Tobias' "The Wonder"

Expressionless, drugged-up grannies jam to a funky, catchy makeover of an old boogie tune.

by Claire Wang
23 October 2015, 9:30pm

UK producer Toby Tobias has dropped "The Wonder," the opener of his sophomore album Rising Sun. Directed by Matthew Reed, the video brings back the nostalgic, drugged-up, carefree vibe of the 70s disco era—but with a surreal twist.

"The idea was really simple," Reed said over email. "I wanted to choose a striking group of people and see how they reacted to the song in their own home. None of them were dancers per se, just people I was drawn to, which I also thought was more interesting."

"In terms of the song," he continued, "I really liked the tracky, druggy quality to it, so I wanted to explore that—the idea of a 'hands-in-the-air,' 4am-club moment but in a slightly odd domestic context."

"The Wonder" is Tobias' re-edit of an old boogie tune with a funky makeover, blending house and electro beats with a disco backdrop and smooth jazz vocals from Be Atwell, Tobias' Brixtonian friend.

"I wanted to get a personal touch in here, so I got my mate Mike in the video," Tobias added. "He's always a beacon of good hope at a party when you see him doing his dance, and I thought it would be great to get him in."

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