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Crookers Gives Us a Visual Play-By-Play of his Time in Vancouver

From leaky sinks, to packed clubs, and passed out management, this photo diary is as honest as it gets.

by Zhamak Fullad
01 April 2015, 10:44pm

On March 11, Crookers drifted through Vancouver for a show at Celebrities nightclub. THUMP enlisted a camera to capture the ups and downs of Crookers' on-the-road lifestyle. From leaky sinks, to full capacity shoes, to passed out management—Crookers' photo diary leaves little to the imagination.

Walking to the hotel after dinner.

Phra flashing us in the elevator.


Time to check if everything in the room works. "This seems alright."

Fireplace works as well.

Oh, the sink gets clogged up.

Walking through the hallway at Celebrities Night Club and looking through all the signatures by the coolest artists that have come through Vancouver.

Kickin' it before the show starts.

Manager is passed out. They've had a rough week.

Phra hates camera flash!

The last DJ just left the booth and now it's time for Crookers.

Dancing around behind the DJ table.

So focused.

Everyone is holding out their hands for props.

Last song of the night.

A photo taken by one of the fans.

Phra is signing out.


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All photos are by Zhamak Fullad.