Jad & The's "Love Tool" is Seven Minutes in Starry-Eyed House Heaven

It's part of the Australian producer's forthcoming 'Skates on the S-Bahn' EP.

Dec 27 2016, 10:49pm

Photo courtesy of the label

The last time THUMP heard from Jad Lee (F.K.A. Jad & The Ladyboy), the Brisbane-raised, Berlin-based DJ and producer had just co-founded a new label, Beats of No Nation—an extension of its eponymous radio show—which launched with an EP from Super Fun Bumper Edition, Lee's side-project with fellow Aussie Charles Murdoch.

Since then, Jad & The has dropped "Ladyboy" from his stage name and is readying for the release of his latest EP, Skates on the S-Bahn, for fledgling Australian imprint Centre Source Records. Today, THUMP is premiering its opening track, "Love Tool," a dreamy, seven-minute stretch of rolling house music fit for both dancefloors and more scenic sojourns, from freeway cruising to roller-skating along the beach.

"I've always admired loopy house music," Jad tells THUMP over email. "The type of guys like Theo and Ron Hardy do and when I stumbled across the keys in an old jazz record I knew I wanted to try and create something along the lines of those guys. I've also been using the delayed vocal outro as a separate little tool in some of my DJ sets; it's a good way to reset."

Listen to "Love Tool" below ahead of Skates on the S-Bahn's release on Centre Source Records on January 18, 2017.

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