Immerse Yourself in an Epic Panorama of the Great Barrier Reef

Marine dream.

by Ingrid Kesa
15 October 2015, 1:41am

All images shot by Tom Schulze. courtesy of the artist

The Great Barrier Reef is an Australian icon—a 2,000 kilometre stretch of natural beauty that is home to a complex ecosystem of fish, corals, sharks, stingrays, turtles, dugongs, molluscs and more. While it is increasingly under threat due to climate change, oil spills, overfishing, dredging and development (thanks, humans), a new installation goes to show why the World Heritage site needs our conservation.

Berlin-based artist Yadegar Asisi has immortalised the largest coral reef on earth in an epic 360-degree panorama. Presented at a scale of 1:1, visitors become completely immersed in the underwater wonderland. The vivid panorama spans 3,500 square metres and is made up of images that are 32 metres high and 110 metres long, which are projected onto a massive circular screen. Changing UV backlights allow the underwater sequence to drift from day into night, and an accompanying sea soundscape by Eric Babak makes you feel at one with the groupers and anemones.

In creating the work, the artist carried out three research trips to the Great Barrier Reef with a team including Australian documentary filmmaker and conservationist Ben Cropp. There, they scuba dived and studied the reef in great detail, taking thousands of photos and shooting video footage to form the basis of the installation.

Check out some images of the installation below:

The exhibition is currently on display at the Panometer Leipzig, a former German gasometer, until September 18, 2016. Head here for more information.


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