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Why Didn't This Egg Break Against Scott Morrison's Head?

The Australian Prime Minister was egged at the Country Women's Association this morning. Somehow, the egg didn't even crack.
07 May 2019, 2:54am
Scott Morrison and an egg
Image via YouTube/Guardian News (L) and Wikimedia (R)

Scott Morrison has a hell of a skull on him. Imagine copping an egg to the back of the head at close-range—we’re probably talking about 10 centimetres here, 15 max—only for it to bounce off your dome and disappear into the crowd while you stand there, barely flinching, hands still placed cockily on hips. Imagine having a head so soft that it can't break an egg, even when it’s hurled against you. This is what happened, this morning, at the Country Women’s Association in Albury.

Yes. The Prime Minister was egged “as he left the stage at the CWA conference”, according to The Guardian. Video footage uploaded to social media shows him standing around chatting with a group of old ladies while behind him, a young protestor cocked an arm and hurled what appears to be a standard-sized chicken egg. That protester was promptly seized by security and frog-marched off the premises, while Morrison glanced over his shoulder and casually rubbed a hand over his clean white scalp.

It is not yet known why the egg didn't break. The footage seems to show it ricocheting off the corner of the Prime Minister’s pulpy head before disappearing out of frame. It was later found on the ground and retrieved, uncracked. Certainly a failed egging then, as far as eggings go.

The incident comes not two months after Senator Fraser Anning had an egg smashed on his noggin by the now-famous teenager known around the world as "Egg Boy." It's also the latest in a long line of political eggings throughout history—even if it doesn't quite rank as one of the more memorable incidents overall.

An older woman was reportedly knocked to the ground in the fracas, but Morrison assured Twitter that he “helped her up and gave her a hug.”

“We will stand up to thuggery whether it’s these cowardly activists who have no respect for anyone, or militant unionists standing over small businesses and their employees on work sites,” he weirdly added.

The 25-year-old woman who threw the egg is now in custody, according to police.

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