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Field Music Are Good, Considerate Humans on Funked Up Tune “Share A Pillow”

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by Sarah MacDonald
24 January 2018, 9:42pm

Photo by Andy Martin

Here is an extremely fun fact about me, the writer of this post: I hate sharing. Hoarding everything to myself is, in my opinion, an ideal state. I share my bed because I have to and also it would be rude for my partner to sleep on the floor. So Field Music’s excellent, funky new track “Share A Pillow” is absolutely in contradiction with my own personal values, which is to say, share nothing, keep everything! But it’s still very good. The British post-punk outfit’s latest track features horns, a subtle tribute to Billy Joel’s iconic (???) “Uptown Girl,” and sizzling guitar solo sure to do just as much to your brain as an espresso shot in the morning. The group is readying its sixth album, Open Here, which is out Feb. 2 via Memphis Industries. The track sounds a lot like a Talking Heads tune: sharp, crisp, danceable with earnest lyrics, “I’d hate to think you were lonely.”

Of the song’s meaning, Peter Brewis told Noisey via email: "This one was inspired by my son creeping into my bed during the night and him and I having to have a talk about why he needs to be in his own bed. I'd say 'There's no room / You have your own bed etc'. And, he'd often reply with, 'it's fine dad, we can share a pillow,' 'I'm lonely in my room,' 'it's too late to go back to bed.' I thought it could come across in a few different ways so I just wrote some of this stuff down without being specific with what it was about... and set then it to the 'Uptown Girl' drum beat!"

Listen to the track below and see where you can find Field Music on tour in Europe:

This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.