Lil Xan and Charli XCX Make Motels Look Fun in "Moonlight"

The duo provides a nocturnal visual for their latest single, "Moonlight."
22 June 2018, 12:53am

In April, Lil Xan enlisted the help of pop machine Charli XCX for a softer single "Moonlight." It was slightly different than what we'd grown accustomed to hearing from the West Coast rapper. Instead of lyrics about his addiction, "Moonlight" was more introspective, with a hook that reevaluated what he valued in life. "Happiness is all that matters, this I hope you know," he raps. Today, the duo release the visual for "Moonlight," a highlight from his debut album TOTAL XANARCHY.

Directed by Austin Peters, "Moonlight" explores the clarity nighttime brings, the kind you experience when the rest of the world is sleeping. Xan and Charli journey through a motel before joyriding through an empty road. Here, the two are wrapped up in references of moonshine and bourbon, and "Moonlight" certainly feels like a drunken voyage through familiar territory.

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