We’re Running Australia’s Biggest Millennial Money Survey

We promise there are no avocado jokes. Just a serious look at how you feel about wealth, class, and how indebted we all are.

by VICE Staff
05 July 2018, 1:31am

Image via Ash Goodall 

Do you ever feel like most financial conversations belong to another generation? One with very different expectations of what a good life looks like. A generation who expected to eventually own a house, be financially stable, and debt free.

But Gen Y and Z don’t believe that anymore. We’ve broken away from that version of the Australian Dream. But while we’ve accepted that financial success will look very different for us than our parents, we’ve struggled to redefine it. This disconnect between what we want, what we’re told we should want, and what we’ll realistically get, has created a new culture of fear and anxiety around money.

The VICE Money Census was created to try and understand our own relationship with money. Not just with how we make and spend it, but also how we feel about it. Across this project, we want to understand how young people spend money, but also how they use it as a cultural tool to define success, failure, security, and class—to ultimately to create a picture of what we as a generation truly value.

We're asking your help to do that. The census will take about 15 minutes to complete, and to say thank you for your time we'll put you into the draw to win $250. Because after all we still understand that nothing talks like cash.

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