Ibiza Has Passed a "Sustainable Tourism" Tax

The tax will affect tourists over 15 years of age and will go into affect on July 1.

May 3 2016, 12:32am

Photo via twitter

Ibiza has long been world's party island, dating back to the disco era. Now, it intends to make a bit more revenue from its visitors.

Resident Advisor and Diario de Ibiza report that the government in charge of Spain's Balearic Islands—which include Menorca, Mallorca, and Ibiza—will be implementing a new "sustainable tourism" tax for tourists 15 and over. The bill—which was proposed last year as a means toward protecting and sustaining its natural resources—will go into affect on July 1, at the height of the party season.

The tax will vary depending on length of stay and type of accommodation to determine the charge, with the more weekend warriors staying at top-dollar resorts being slapped with the highest rates (around $3 a day). As the Balearic islands are a popular family retreat, this tax could add up to almost $120 depending on family size with a week-long stay. However, the tax is halved after an 8 day stay.

This is the second time Ibiza has imposed a tourist tax, following an effort in 2002 that was ultimately repealed. There will be exemptions this go-around, including refugees, the physical unwell, and religious pilgrims.

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