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Eat at a Restaurant Scored by Stranger Things Composers S U R V I V E

The immersive restaurant experience will also include visuals from artist Daniel Arsham.

by Katherine Gillespie
17 November 2016, 12:59am

Artist Daniel Arsham, who created this installation at Gallerie Perrotin, will collaborate with the band. Images courtesy of Sugar Mountain

Transcendental Texans S U R V I V E set the mood in Stranger Things with their 80s-inspired synths, and now they’re trying their talented hands at fine dining. Sort of—the band are creating an hour-long score for Melbourne’s pop up immersive restaurant, Sensory. Sensory is an offshoot of Sugar Mountain Festival, a music and art experience that sets off Melbourne’s summer months. The ambience of this year’s restaurant, which is available exclusively to festival attendees, will come courtesy of the synth quartet responsible for the best television soundtrack of the year. You can expect some nostalgic sounds, but also somwthing new. As well as the Stranger Things score, S U R V I V E also have two full length albums: their latest, RR734, sees the band build on those 80s horror movie influences and carve out their own niche.


The sweeping synth soundscapes will be accompanied by visuals from New York artist Daniel Arsham, who will be designing the restaurant interiors. The Miami-born artist has shown work at PS1 and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami—he’s also collaborated with the likes of Hedi Slimane and Pharrell Williams, so expect the unexpected. Meanwhile, award-winning chef Peter Gunn has designed a multi-course menu that promises to turn the concept of fine dining on its head. Gunn has worked in iconic Melbourne kitchens including Attica, Ezards, and The Royal Mail, and will collaborate with S U R V I V E and Arsham to create something pretty special—and, we hope, a little bit 80s-inspired. You can find out more about Sugar Mountain and see the full music and art line up here. Related: Meet Daniel Arsham, an Archaeologist from the Future

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