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An Alien Disease Infects a Solar System in This CGI Music Video

An interstellar odyssey abounds in Matteo Zamagni's music video for Tsvi's "Malfunction."

by Emerson Rosenthal
11 February 2015, 10:45pm

Zamagni's 3D rendered alien pathogen. Screencap via

TSVI - "Malfunction" from øøøø on Vimeo.

Having assisted Quayola for a few years, and developed interactive installations as part of a residency organized by the Barbican in collaboration with Trampery, it's safe to say visual artist and London College of Communication student Matteo Zamagni knows his way around a digital artwork. For London-based electronic musician Tsvi's track "Malfunction," (off the B.YRSLF division debut EP of the same name), Zamagni's abilities come center stage to create the story of a pristine solar system that faces a threat when "when an asteroid carrying an anomalous organism gets into the sun’s gravitational force," according to the video's description. 

"The planets, each governed by 3D fractals sculptures as a symbolic representation of nature, will be going through a destructive transition as the disease spreads across." The result, according to Zamagni, shows "the progression and evolution of a solar system and its planets within where it's natural balance destabilize in concordance with the progression of the track."

Created entirely without a budget, as Zamagni tells The Creators Project, the visuals that abound in the video glow, writhe, and shake with a cosmic life force that causes an uncanny feeling when considering the fact that they're all animated 3D renders made "using Cinema 4D, fractal 3D software Mandelbulb 3D, photo scanning techniques, microscopic videos, sound reactive particle systems and a lot of glitches." 

Watch Matteo Zamagni's music video for "Malfunction" above, and click here to see more of the artist's work. 


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