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Afternoon Animation: The National Gets Animated And Sing About Gravy On "Bob's Burgers"

Cartoon versions of great bands are always A+ material

by The Creators Project
29 November 2013, 10:00pm

Images via Entertainment Weekly

The thought of gravy makes me a little bit nauseaus at the moment due to the level of gluttony achieved during yesterday's carb-fest. At the same time, I know I'll regret if I don't make some Mayflower sandwiches using leftovers.

Luckily, Entertainment Weekly has provided the internet with an exclusive clip from TV show Bob's Burgers to remind me how important it is to shrug away the food-induced sickness and embrace the hedonism. The Fox show included an animated cameo appearance by musical nostalgia kings, The National, where the group sings an appropriately melancholic tune about....gravy. 

Head to EW to watch the video clip called "Sailors In Your Mouth." Chances are it will remind you how important it is to get on the gravy boat one more time this weekend. Otherwise, come Monday, you'll be nostalgic for that food coma until next Thanksgiving.

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