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Erik Sanders and Friends Turn the Frick Up in the Video for “In the Air”

The Brisbane rapper's summery earworm now has a video.

by Issy Beech
09 March 2017, 2:30am

If you've not heard "In the Air" yet, you're really in for a treat. Unless you happen to have a heart of coal, that is. In which case you are not in for a treat. You are unfortunately in for a lifetime of boredom and unhappiness. Condolences. 

"In the Air" is the summery, earwormy track by Brisbane rapper Erik Sanders, whose "Stunt" (2015)  and "Flex Mode" (2016) both went remarkably well for single number one and two. Now "In the Air," single number three—and undoubtedly the most poppy and anthemic of them yet—has a video, which dropped yesterday. Like the song itself, the video is a super cheerful, sweet thing: Sanders, Allday, and friends having an old fashioned good time.  

Watch the clip below, and keep at least one eye on this kid.

In other news: Is it possible that "they"—who don't want to see Sanders live—is the same "they" that Khaled warned us about? Food for thought.  

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