Listen to Aucan's Terrifying New EP

Ultra Records comes through with glitch-laden power electronics from this post-hardcore duo.

May 2 2014, 11:26pm

There's been a lot of perky big room house circulating the blogosphere recently—the kind of tear-jerkers with uplifting breakdowns and lyrics about redemption and unity or whatever. Not to worry, though, because Aucan is here to drag you back into their basement dungeon and strap you down with freshly oiled leather, precious.

"We come from the noise / post-hardcore circuit," they told THUMP over email. "Of course our approach to electronic music has been influenced by that hardcore attitude. And our sets sound rough and powerful because of our live experience."

Their new EP is out May 6 on the most mega of all dance music labels, Ultra, and it features four new tracks, one of which is a collaboration with the notorious Miami freakazoid, Otto von Shirach—who is kind of like GG Allin-meets-Andrew WK on a Cuban booze cruise. "We met Otto Von Schirach touring Europe, and we enjoyed his vocals feat on Modeselektor beats," the duo recounts.

The record passes through a few different shades of narcotic, glitch-laden power electronics, from the ketamine-soaked electro of "Rise of the Serpent" to the more demonic trap rhythm of "Loud Cloud." It's not exactly the kind of record you expect out of Ultra, but it's a welcome addition to their catalogue and a fresh change of pace.

"EP 1 mixes the darkest techno sounds with hip-hop structures," says Aucan, resulting in a heavy cloud of what they call "distorted obscure imagery."

Hell yeah!

Aucan's EP 1 is out May 6 on Ultra Records. Pre-order via iTunes.

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