Move Virtual Objects With Gesture-Control Augmented Reality Glasses

<p>Meta are throwing down the gestural gauntlet when it comes to AR glasses.</p>

30 January 2013, 5:30pm

The race is on for augmented reality eyewear, with Google and Vuzix being two companies who are currently pursuing and releasing commercial products for this technology. And, with it being a potentially lucrative new market—providing we can all get over what we look like when wearing them—a company called Meta has now jumped on board too. They’ve added a motion sensor camera to the AR capabilities so that you can control virtual objects with your hands.

The newly formed company haven’t revealed any great details about the product, but they’re calling themselves a “wearable computing and augmented reality venture” and claim they’ve “developed an amazing pair of stereoscopic glasses combined with super low latency gesture tracking”.

In the enthusiastic speculative video above, the company ponder what a world may look like with their glasses on. It’s an immersive interactive world of virtual screens that can be controlled through hand movements—a world of floating interfaces, ubiquitous computing and, erm, three-headed dogs.

[via Technabob]