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No More Excuses: Here are 10 Female and GNC Artists You Can Book for Your Show Right Now

This is the first in a monthly series of profiles that will—hopefully—help the gender imbalance issue we're seeing with Australian line ups.

by Kish Lal
11 August 2016, 5:10am

Image courtesy of the artists, and Photoshop.

This is the first piece in our new monthly series 'No More Excuses' by Kish Lal. Each month we will profile 10 female and gender nonconforming DJs, producers and artists, that event organisers can discover and add to their Rolodex. In short? No more excuses for all male line ups.

So it's 2016, and we’re still seeing festivals, shows, events and club nights booking male heavy and—more often that not—male only line-ups.

The excuses we're hearing are that artists weren't available or up to standards, or that there are just not enough women and gender nonconforming artists to book. If you're into maths at all, you'll know that can't be true.

Misrepresentation is a problem our music community can no longer ignore. We need more women and GNC artists to be elevated, if only to encourage others who are interested in music, and show them that there actually is space for them in the scene.

What can we do? Tune into Noisey each month to find 10 new female and GNC DJs, producers and artists that are active, bookable and talented af.

No more excuses.

1. Wahe, Melbourne

Melbourne based DJ, producer and artist Wahe is an unstoppable powerhouse. The co-founder of Alterity Collective, whose main objective is to create decolonized spaces through music, art and performance, Wahe’s work is conscious and thoughtful and pushes an important agenda.

2. Sezzo Snot, Brisbane

Sezzo Snot doesn’t sniffle when she’s on the decks; in fact, she bumps seamlessly between grime, techno, hip-hop and experimental house. I know this because I’ve spent all night dancing in my room to her mixes on Soundcloud.

3. Lucy Cliché, Melbourne

People who enjoy living under rocks have missed out on Pokemon Go, are confused by the Kardashians and don’t know who Lucy Cliché is. She has quickly become a renowned name across Australia with her incredible live shows, which explore the depths of techno, industrial and electro. With a release on Noise In My Head Records, Lucy is a star on the rise rather than a cliché.

4. Kimchi Princi, Sydney

Poetess, rapper and performer, Kimchi Princi is so on fire that she’s about to combust. Fresh off the release of her new EP Just In My Room, Just On My Phone, she explores the relationship between being a person, social anxiety and the Internet in a way that actually makes you want to log off and dance.

5. TXNK, Adelaide

Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen was probably about TXNK because if there’s anything she’s good at, if there’s anything she’s passionate about, it’s trap. Her brand new track, "Bi$hes" is making waves and has already received support from the likes of The Aston Shuffle.

6. Amber Akilla, Perth

Dipping in and out of Australia and China to DJ all while sustaining an enviable Instagram, Amber Akilla is the type of girl you want to be best friends with, but also probably want to be. If you’re a Drake and Rihanna (Drihanna? Rake?) fan then prepare for Amber Akilla’s dedicated mix to the couple of the century.

7. k2k, Wellington, NZ

Techno DJ and ambient house producer, New Zealand’s k2k is a YouTube-taught artist who went on to work with the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Paris, proof that you can learn almost anything if not everything from the Internet.

8. Flex Mami, Sydney

A vision, a voice to be heard and an actual icon, Flex Mami is not to be slept on. Part of the Sidechains crew, you can find her making waves on FBi Radio, DJing almost everywhere in Sydney and lighting up everyone’s lives on Instagram. I’m on her website looking for the application to be her best friend right now.

9. Pillow Pro, Melbourne

Have you seen Pillow Pro live before? I have. And I can confirm it’s as sonically pleasing as eating chocolate on a bed of marshmallows. The duo bring lounge luxe to the club in matching outfits, what more needs to be said really?

10. Jade Le Flay, Canberra

In one word: Googleable. Jade Le Flay has the dj game on lock. Her live mixes are seamless, she’s represented by the Soapbox Agency and she has her shit completely together.

Until next time, happy booking!

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