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Some Dogs Jacked $5K Of Gear From Indigenous Rights Band Dispossessed

The Sydney band are asking for help in recovering the stolen musical equipment.

by Noisey Staff
17 October 2016, 6:29am

​Sydney band Dispossessed​ has had over $5000 worth of musical equipment stolen from a car after a gig on Saturday night.  The theft occurred outside Marrickville Factory Theatre, where the band had earlier played Bad Festival.​

Guitarist Serwah Attafuah has taken to Facebook​ to list the stolen equipment, that included drums, guitars and guitar pedals, and a GoFundMe page​ has been set up to help recover some of the costs of the stolen equipment.​

The page describes Dispossessed as "an indigenous anti-colonial political project that opperates in the lands of the Gadigal and the Dharug known as Sydney." and that the art they create  "is catharsis and empowerment to the voices of the subaltern, articulating land trauma, colonial violence and the grief of occupation"

In an interview with NOISEY​ earlier this year, vocalist Harry Bonifacio explained that the response to the band had been positive. "People find it refreshing that in the context of a degree of stagnation in politically-driven heavy music, a band has emerged with an unapologetic tone about racism and colonialism. I think our music fits well in an active global discussion about race, and people are catching onto that. However, that's also an inherently polarising topic – I've heard the message has distanced a few people, but that's to be expected."

The GoFundMe page explains that the band are a political project that aims to provide a platform and space for Aboriginal activists internationally so therefore they need instruments and equipment ASAP so they can continue the work they do. 

Read Serwah's Facebook post below: 

Hi, DISPOSSESSED just got jacked for all our gear tonight in marrickville out side the factory theatre. About 5000+ worth of stuff , Please keep an eye out for sus cunts around this area with black gear bags


Zildjian Custom Z Ride 20″
Paiste Heavy Full Crash 17″
Paiste Thin Crash 16″
Zildjian Zht hi hats 13″
Pearl Eliminator Pedals
Cymbal bag soft case

Stick bag
Assorted hardware (inside cymbal bag)


Black squier tele thats been fully modded. Has a clear pick guard, pentagram engraving on the body, black painted headstock, covered in stickers, graph tech bridge, Seymour Duncan Invader Pups in the bridge and a black winter in the neck. "Hate" painted on the back
It was in a black flight case with "destroy" painted on it in grey

Mexican Fender Jazzmaster Classicplayer in Sunburst, brown tortshell pickguard
It was in a Fender soft case bag with a rainbow strap and 3 cables in the bag. Only distinguishing features were that the pups were raised with foam


EQD sea machine pedal
EQD white light pedal
EQD Acapulco gold pedal
EHX stereo memory man pedal
Pink BOSS DDS3 delay sample pedal
Tc Electronics Polytune pedal
Boss HM2
Purple and white Mooer tuning pedal
Tech 21 Sansamp
Minotaur Fuzz pedal
Reaper Pedals Doomblade

Earthquaker devices Avalance Run
Dan Electro Fab Chorus
+ patch cables and leads

​Image: GoFundMe